AIM Conservation Grants

Closing Date: 30 September

The AIM Preventive Conservation Grant Scheme helps small museums to develop a more sustainable approach to the conservation and management of their collections through improvements to ‘preventive’ conservation on site.  Under this scheme, AIM will consider supporting environmental surveys, professional advice, training for volunteers, environmental monitoring and control equipment, ultraviolet filters, integrated pest management, display cases and picture framing, storage containers and packing materials and the development of emergency plans.

The Scheme, supported generously by The Pilgrim Trust, is intended to assist AIM’s smaller members with conservation of important objects in their collections.  Accessioned objects in any media are eligible. Whilst we expect museums to have a conservation plan, the object does not have to be the most at risk in the collection. The reason for choosing the object must be made clear in your application. For example, the object may be planned for use in a temporary exhibition. 

Conservation work should be carried out by a conservator chosen from the ICON register (, unless there are exceptional circumstances where this is not possible.

Find out more at:


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