Changes to the Team

There have been a couple of changes to the team in the last few weeks. Firstly following Kaye Hardyman’s return from maternity leave, Rosie Crook will be staying on with the team until the end of March 2016, developing a programme of Audience Development support. The ‘Knowing Your Audiences’ programme will consist of seminars and workshops, an epublication and the development of a network to support audience research for museums in the  region. Rosie would be very pleased to hear from you with your specific needs and problems in understanding your audiences, interpreting data, designing surveys, and planning audience development into the work of your museum. She works Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Next up we would like to introduce Sam Long, our new Intern who will be supporting the team with project delivery:

So what is it you do I hear your ask?

I will be joining the team for the next six months, and am going to be helping out in any way I’m needed. I’ll be providing project support, creating content for this blog and working with the sector development officer delivering the various development programmes across the north west,       

How did I get here?

I studied journalism at the University of Lincoln, where I was part of the University newspaper as well as several other publications. So I have a good amount of experience with creating content on a regular basis. However over the past couple of years since leaving University, I have found myself in rather uninteresting jobs where I had no means to use any of these skills. So being given an opportunity to work in this team where I can learn so many new skills, and use many of my own on a daily basis, was something I jumped at.

About me

I’m 24, as previously mentioned Journalism graduate. I am a keen mediocre musician, and a very part time music journalist.  


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