Engaging in Research: A National Inventory Research Project seminar

Wednesday 28th October
10:30 – 13:00
Theatre 4, Stopford Building, University of Manchester

Collection research is an essential responsibility of museums but under pressure from reducing resources and the prioritisation of public programmes. It is necessary to inform displays and exhibitions, publications and both the academic and casual enquirer; without it, collections are fundamentally useless.

This seminar looks at two very different methodologies: the research into old master paintings recently carried out on two major NW collections during the ‘NIRP in the North’ project; and the potential for crowdsourcing and public engagement in the creation of collection knowledge, as provided by, in particular, the Public Catalogue Foundation’s online ‘Tagger’ and ‘Art Detective’ projects.

10:30   Welcome from Kostas Arvanitis, Programme Director, Art Gallery and Museum Studies, University of Manchester

10:35   Introduction by Andrew Greg, Director, NIRP, University of Glasgow

10:45   NIRP research at Manchester Art Gallery: Dr Marion Richards, recent NIRP project researcher

11:15   NIRP research at National Museums Liverpool: Joseph Sharples, recent NIRP project researcher

11:45   Break

12:00   Public Engagement in Collection Research: Andrew Greg

12:30   Discussion

Contact: Andrew Greg, University of Glasgow Andrew.greg@glasgow.ac.uk. Other Links:



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