Northern Museums Volunteer Pass 2015-17

This year the Volunteer Pass scheme has been extended to include accredited museums in the North West and North East regions and has been renamed the ‘Northern Museums Volunteer Pass’.

Not all museums on the list offer free entry, but there will be a benefit and volunteers are advised to check the details of the offer on the brochure before their visit.

The Northern Museums Volunteer Pass is one of the largest Volunteer schemes in England:
with over 110 participating institutions, & over 5,000 participating volunteers. The pass is open to all accredited museums, as well as those working towards accreditation in the North East, North West and Yorkshire and Humberside regions. It allows volunteers to gain various benefits such as free entry and/or additional benefits to other participating museums

Download the Northern Museums Volunteer Pass leaflet here to see the list of participating museums.

For more information, download a PDF outlining the scheme, or contact  Gillian Waters.

Complete the form on survey monkey to express your interest in the scheme here

Deadline Monday 5 February 2016.


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