South Asia Arts UK Event to mark the 70th anniversary of the partition of india

The British Council is conducting research into plans in the UK to mark the 70th anniversary of the partition of india. They would like you to participate, & would like to share the findings of the study with you.
On 2 December at Manchester Museum they are hosting an event to facilitate exchange & collaboration.

2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the partition of India into India and Pakistan (including what later became Bangladesh). Many cultural organisations across the UK, in particular those in areas with significant diaspora populations, are already planning to use their programmes in 2017 to reflect on the historical and contemporary relationships with these countries.
The event is aimed both at those already planning activity and those who may be interested.

The British Council aim to:

  • Gather information about all existing plans for 2017 in the UK in advance of the meeting
    Bring together UK organisations, share results of the research and help identify where you can coordinate and collaborate
  • Agree how the British Council, with its presence across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, can help and support
  • Offer insight into the context of working and developing arts projects in South Asia

And they would like you to

  • Complete this survey. Please note that details will be shared with other cultural organisations
  • Confirm whether you will be able to attend the event on 2 December 2015
  • Let us know of other people/organisations we could approach.

This will be a practical day, and is suitable for people in your organisation leading on projects relating to South Asia who can also come with an overview of your organisations’ whole strategy.
Please RSVP to Matthew Plant (Arts Manager, South Asia)


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