3D Printing Interactive Workshop Report

On Monday 16 November, The Peter Scott Gallery at Lancaster University hosted an interactive workshop on the topic of 3D Printing.

The day began with a brief introduction to 3D printing, along with the possibilities of the technology.

As this was an interactive workshop, it didn’t take long for the delegates to get involved with the tech as one attendant was scanned so a 3D model of them could be printed.

The morning continued with the introduction of 3D pens. These allow users to draw in 3D, some with more success than others.


Following a tour around the university’s 3D printing workrooms, the afternoon focused on current & upcoming projects of the delegates, with several giving presentations of their work. These projects ranged from the incredibly exciting Museum in a box, on which more information can be found here, to the Glasgow School Art’s stance on the social value of digital heritage projects, & how 3D technology can be implemented, to the posibility of creating a remotely accessible heritage site for the difficult to access St Kilda.

It was a fascinating day at the Peter Scott Gallery, and 3D printing is certainly something we will see more and more museums embracing.


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