Examples of Museums Supporting School Transition Required

On behalf of Curious Minds, Sally Fort is researching how museums support the transition of children and young people between different school stages and phases.

Their focus is on the transition from primary school to secondary  but they are also interested in any examples relating to transitional periods. If your museum has carried out this kind of work, Sally would like to hear more about any of the following:

  • What your offer is in practical terms and what it’s based on (e.g. description of workshop, project, event etc. and themes, subject areas, philosophies)
  • Who it is aimed at (e.g. ages, phases, specific groups, schools, families, youth groups)
  • What you’ve found the successes and challenges to be and how you know to what extent the support has been successful
  • What are the financial arrangements underpinning the work
  • What are your aims / objectives / planned outcomes
  • Any links the activity has to Artsmark or Arts Award if relevant
  • Anything else you’d like to add about this

Please email any examples to Sally, or add your responses to this online survey


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