Trustee Leadership in Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy

Trustees play an essential role in fundraising. They are their organisation’s chief ambassadors, supporting the executive team and helping to connect them with a wide range of external networks. Trustees who actively support their organisation’s fundraising strategy will significantly increase its potential for success.

On February 25, People’s History Museum will be hosting a half-day session, led by Matthew Bowcock, which will offer practical guidance and tips to executive team members and Trustees on how to utilise fundraising and philanthropy as important tools within their organisation’s fundraising and income generation strategy. Drawing upon their considerable expertise in this field, the trainers will help to give participants the core knowledge and confidence to fundraise skilfully for their organisation.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the opportunities for fundraising for their organisation
  • Understand their role as an executive team member / Trustee in developing and leading fundraising and income generation strategies
  • Understand how Trustees can best support their organisation’s cause, and what tools they require to achieve this

Matthew Bowcock was until recently Chairman of UK Community Foundations. He is a Trustee of the Beacon Awards and a member of the Big Society Capital advisory board. Matthew was a founding director of and a member of the Philanthropy Review Board.

In 2012, Matthew authored a report for the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport’s ‘Digital Giving in the Arts – Democratising Philanthropy. He has been appointed a Trustee of Watts Gallery, and has recently taken up a position as a National Council member for Arts Council England.

This half-day course is open to members of the executive team of arts organisations and one or more of their Trustees to attend together.

The cost of the event is £75 per person, with a special offer of book 3 places and get 1 free.

For more information, & to book your place, please see here



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