Tender Opportunity: Cumbria Museum Consortium

Children and Young People 2016 – 2018

Who we are

The Cumbria Museum Consortium (CMC) is comprised of Tullie House Museum Trust, Lakeland Arts and Wordsworth Trust. Together we are responsible for 6 cultural sites (Tullie House in Carlisle, Abbot Hall and Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry in Kendal, Blackwell House in Bowness-on Windermere, Wordsworth Trust in Grasmere and the Windermere Jetty which is due to open in 2017).

The CMC is in receipt of £3M of Arts Council investment (from April 2015 to March 2018). CMC has a responsibility to demonstrate leadership for museums operating in rural areas by delivering innovative programmes that grow our audiences and make us more resilient.

Over the last 12 months, CMC has reviewed its programme of activity and is revising how it delivers provision for children and young people from 1 April 2016. One of our key aspirations is to reach every school aged pupil in Cumbria during this funding period through creating and delivering inspiring programmes for children and young people to increase engagement and participation with our venues and other museums and galleries in Cumbria.

What we are looking for

The CMC wishes to appoint a consultant(s) to work with the three CMC organisations and other museums and galleries in Cumbria to:

  • improve how we communicate the learning offer at the museums and galleries
  • develop and implement a strategy to increase school aged pupil engagement at the venues
  • work with museums and learning providers to increase the number of school aged pupils engaging with Arts Award

The contract will be for one year initially (1 April 2016 – 31 March 2017) with a view to extending it for a further 12 months.

The successful consultant(s) will work with learning leads at the three CMC organisations and other museums in the county, and act as a liaison with the North West’s Bridge organization, Curious Minds. The consultant will develop a programme of activity to raise awareness of museum learning opportunities with schools, leading to increase pupil engagement with museums across the county. They will also help schools achieve their Arts Mark objectives and pupils achieve Arts Award.

The consultant will broker relations between museums, galleries and schools (or other learning providers) to develop sustainable, long term engagement with museums and galleries.

What we want to do (aims / objectives)

The key aims for the contract are as follows:

  1. To improve learning offer for children and young people
  2. To increase and deepen engagement of the school aged children with collections, venues and the landscape.
  3. To raise the profile of the museums and galleries in Cumbria as providers of quality learning experiences for children and young people
  4. To develop relations with schools and improve communications with teachers and learning providers
  5. To improve partnership working with schools and the Bridge organisation in Cumbria.

What we want the successful agency to deliver (objectives and outputs)

The CMC is looking to appoint a consultant(s) to deliver the following objectives:

  1. Map the current learning provision for school aged children at museums, including how this is packaged and communicated to schools.
  2. Identify how teachers / learning providers are currently engaging with the museums and galleries
  3. Work with museum learning leads and Bridge to identify gaps in schools engagement and participants in Arts Mark in particular.
  4. Work with teachers to support development of curriculum-based sessions relevant to museum collections.
  5. Identify ways in which the schools learning ‘offer’ can be more effectively packaged across Accredited museums and galleries in Cumbria and better communicated with schools and relevant learning providers
  6. Develop and broker relationships with schools and learning providers who are Arts Mark ready (or interested in Arts Mark) and actively promote museum and gallery offer, including community engagement element that encourages family-based learning and engagement.
  7. Develop and deliver a strategic programme of activity to increase schools engagement with museums and galleries (coordinating with learning leads and Bridge organisation).
  8. Develop and deliver appropriate training and networking opportunities for museum staff and learning providers, linked to this contract.
  9. Identify key measurable and evaluation framework for the programme.

What we want to achieve (outcomes)

  • Increase in school bookings year on year at museums in Cumbria
  • Increase in families participating in community based activity (ie. Museums at Night, Big Draw etc)
  • Increase in new schools engaging with learning provision at museums (ie schools that have not engaged previously)
  • Improved channels for communication museum offer to schools and learning providers (this might include for example, improved print, website channel etc)
  • Increase number of schools gaining Arts Mark
  • Increase the number of Arts Award recipients


Contract budget for consultant(s):

Year 1 (2016-17): £15,000 + VAT includes consultant time and expenses

Year 2 (2017-18): as above; subject to contract review and renewal

Delivery budget:

Year 1 (2016-17): £6,000 + VAT*

Year 2 (2016-18): as above; subject to contract review and renewal

*Delivery budget will be held by CMC and expenditure will be agreed in advance.

Reporting: Point of contact for the contract is Jennie Pitceathly, CMC Manager


Proposals due: Monday 14 March 2016

Interviews: 29 March 2016

Contract start: April 2016

To apply:

Please send a proposal outlining how you will deliver the contract, submitted electronically by email to Jennie Pitceathly jennie.pitceathly@tulliehouse.org by noon on Monday 14 March 2016.

Proposals should be no longer than 6 sides of A4 and include:

  • Proposal outlining how you would approach the contract
  • Methodology and timescales for year one
  • Relevant experience
  • Proposed use of project budget in year one.
  • CV for the consultant(s), days allocated to the project and daily rates
  • Two referees

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