Free Workshops For AIM Members: An Introduction To Collection Care

The Association of Independent Museums (AIM) are hosting several free workshops for their members which will provide an introduction to collection care.

These session will look at why it is necessary to wear gloves to handle objects, why objects don’t last for ever,  & how decay sets in. If you have ever wondered why collection care matters or what it involves, then book yourself a place on AIM’s new ‘Stop The Rot’ workshops which are free for staff and volunteers from AIM member museums, galleries and heritage sites.

These fun and hands on workshops are led by Jane Thompson Webb, the Conservation Team Leader at Birmingham Museums Trust, and you will gain the skills and confidence you need to spot the main agents of decay and how they can damage objects in your collections. You will also learn a range of practical strategies to help ensure that your collections will be accessible now and in the future.

Funded by The Pilgrim Trust, the workshops include lunch, refreshments, collections care handouts and AIM Success Guides for you to use in your own organisation. If you work or volunteer in a heritage site or museum, these workshops will give you a greater understanding of caring for your collections, why objects deteriorate and what practical steps you can take to limit damage

For further information, and to book your place, please see here.


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