Resilience Training Wanted By National Museums Liverpool

National Museums Liverpool are looking to engage an organisation to develop and deliver a comprehensive resilience training programme to all staff in the organisation. They would like to hear from anyone who has training to offer.

They are currently asking companies who would be interested in working with them to respond to their Resilience Training NML Request for Information (RFI). The RFI document outlines our requirements in more detail and is based on the minimum requirements that allow NML to compare training suppliers. Although it is a comprehensive document, they are aware that some smaller companies may not be able to answer all of the sections completely, however they would still like to hear from you, so please be assured that this does not automatically affect your suitability to register.

After considering all responses NML will then be issuing an invitation to tender to those organisations who we feel best fit what we are looking for, the timescale of the process is highlighted in the RFI.

Completed RFI’s should be emailed and received by 5pm on the 10/03/2016.

If you have any questions please contact Claire Holden.


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