Museums at Play workshop. Learning How to Become a More Playful Place

If 2016 is your year to try something new, creative and playful, you might like to join their forthcoming Museums at Play workshop this March. Whether you are an arts organisation, gallery or museum, this workshop will provide plenty of food for thought about how our cultural, public spaces can be more playful.

Museums at Play focuses on learning how to become a more playful place. The event. which will take place on Monday 14 March at Manchester Museum, will include a Happy Museum and Manchester Museum workshop, led by playful associates Charlotte Derry, Stuart Lester and the Manchester Museum Visitor Team.

This event will discus how we can come together to plan playful improvements and change, & what aspirations you have for play at your venue.This workshop is all about answering some of these key questions and will develop your confidence and understanding about play and the benefits that play has.
The session will help you identify what you will need to start (or continue) on your own playful journey. If you are curious about play, or if you’d like to explore how you and your venue can become more playful, then this workshop should be able to help you find some answers and work through some strategies.

This half-day workshop will share Manchester Museum’s playful story, investigate the ideas and stories behind the playful “rules” and provide participants with the opportunity to formulate their own plans about how to become more playful as a venue, or practitioner. It will draw upon long-established and ongoing work to develop a playful culture at Manchester Museum and upon the new practice guide Rules for a Playful Museum, written by Charlotte Derry and the Manchester Museum Visitor Team.

To make the day work best for everyone, Manchester Museums would be grateful if you to contribute a couple of things:

  • They would like you to talk for up to 5 minutes to paint a picture of how play looks to you at your venue. (Positives, negatives, stories or anecdotes are all relevant).
  • Come along to listen but be prepared to share. It doesn’t matter how large your experience is, we intend to learn from each other and all contributions are equal.
  • Please take a look at Rules for a Playful Museum before the day. Please contact us by email to obtain a free copy, or download a copy online here
  • The event is free and refreshments are provided, but we would like you to come along prepared to fund your own lunch please (we’ll email some affordable options & a sandwich menu in advance).
  • Manchester Museum ask that if you register for this event you do your very best to attend. The event is free, but your commitment to supporting this event is vital to its success.To book your place, please see here

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