New Research Reveals Trends in Composition of Museum Boards

A new report has revealed the trends in the make up of museum boards. Most trustees are called Ron or Bob, unless it’s an industrial heritage museum in which case most trustees are called Dave or Ian.

 There are some variations. Trustees can be called Ronnie, Ronny, Ronald, Ronaldo or Ronette (but it takes at least three Ronettes on a board to count as a genuine pop group). Rons are known for their ability to get things done in double quick time, being able to Da Doo Ron Ron. Bobs can be female (see Blackadder and Roberta Flack) although female trustees are rare. Alternatives are Robert, Bobby, Rob or Roberto. To date there are no known cases of a bobcat being a museum trustee despite #MuseumCats being an influential movement within the sector – see The research was unable to determine how many uncles of Bobs serve on boards.

 The research found no variations on the names Dave or Ian.

evBob and Ron and Bob and Ron, MDNW funding fair 2014


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