Money and Medals Network: West Midlands Training Day

The Money and Medals Network exists to build and develop relationships between UK museums with collections of coins, medals, banknotes, tokens and associated numismatic objects. Training days featuring seminars led by contributors from local and national museums are being provided across the UK with a view to sharing knowledge and expertise. Regional numismatic networks can then be set up as a result of these training sessions.

The network are hosting a training day at the Department of Classics and Ancient History in the the University of Warwick on 20 April 2016.

This event, which is free to attend for anyone working or volunteering with numismatic collections, will focus on the use of numismatics in education, documentation of coins and medals on a museum database, the conservation of coins and medals and there will also be an introduction to commemorative medals. A practical session on British Museum numismatic pinning techniques will allow delegates the chance to learn and practice this useful skill.

A full programme for the event can be found here.

To book a place please contact Josie Brown.


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