Climate Exchange at Manchester Museum

Climate Exchange is an opportunity for visitors to the Museum to have conversations with people who have something they want to say about climate change on a daily basis.

Climate Exchange is part of Climate Control, Manchester Museum’s summer season of exhibition and events about Climate Change.

We hear about climate change on the news and in the newspapers. Climate change is happening all around us, but this isn’t the time to ignore it, it’s the time to get really, really, creative. Manchester Museum will be staging a series of exhibitions and events for visitors to explore what kind of future they hope for, and what it would take to help make that a reality. Look out for amazing Polar Bears and other Arctic wildlife, Peppered Moths, tropical frogs, opportunities to make a model of a future Manchester, and much, much more besides.

The programme at Manchester Museum is being developed in partnership with the Tyndall Centre and Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester, and Manchester A Certain Future, the city’s climate change agency.  Climate Control is part of ESOF 2016.

Manchester Museum are looking for academics, students, designers, architects, growers, campaigners, sustainability enthusiasts and thinkers who would like to take part in Climate Exchange.  They’re looking at Climate Change in the broadest possible sense – from historical change, weather, impact around the future, future buildings, transport – anything linked with the local and global issues of our future world.

If you are interested in taking park, please email Anna Bunney to confirm your interest and for more information.


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