Job Opportunity: Lancaster City Museum

Museum Assistant
Salary: £15917  – £15941
Fixed Term Full Time Contract
Closing Date: 10 May 2016

Lancaster City Museum are looking for a Museum Assistant to help provide assistance and information for visitors. As well as conduct guided tours, demonstrate exhibits as directed, and assist with use of equipment such as audio visual.

The Museum Assistant will be expected to patrol the museum, invigilate and supervise visitors, and generally assist in ensuring the security of the property, its contents, staff and public. They will also assist members of the public when leaving the building in the event of an evacuation. This varied role will also include working with reception, ticketing, shop/café sales, cashing-up, stock control answering telephone and relaying messages.

For further information and to apply, please see here.



  1. Dowler, Heather


    Thank you very much for advertising our jobs. Is it possible to advertise them as Fixed Term though please rather than permanent, which they are not?


    Heather Dowler
    Museum Manager
    Lancaster City Museum
    Lancashire County Council

    01524 555610

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