Let’s Get Real 2016 Can We Reinvent Our Online Cultural Offer?

The Let’s Get Real Conference 2016, will look at whether we can reinvent our online cultural offer.

The conference, which will take place on 27th October 2016 atThe Whitworth in Manchester, will ask how arts and heritage organisations can get better at recognising, articulating and generating value from online cultural retail. This is a hot topic as public funding is squeezed and organisations look for new income streams and business models that align with their cultural offer.

But online cultural retail is about more than just generating financial value. What we sell and package influences how our audiences engage with organisations. The way we approach new product development challenges the way we think about our overall offer, our brand and our purpose. People want experiences with soul and products with a story – for the cultural sector this is part of our DNA.

The conference will address whether organisations can find a sweet spot between culture and commerce, by asking “Is it all just hype or can we grow this in sustainable ways?

The day will feature keynotes, conversations, critique and provocations, mixed for the first time, with a fabulous late night happening throughout the Whitworth as part of the  Museums at Night festival.

For further information, and to book your place please see here.



  1. Elizabeth Kwasnik

    Hello, How do we book for the 27th October “Let’s Get Real” conference at the Whitworth please?

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