Museums of Cheshire Unveil New Website

Museums of Cheshire have launched their new website – Originally funded by MDNW’s Sustainable Improvement Fund and then through the Arts Council’s Resilience-funded project “Unlocking the Potential”, the website is just one strand of Museum of Cheshire’s work to raise their profile and strengthen their resilience by working collectively.

The Museums of Cheshire are 23 museums and galleries, presenting everything from art and archaeology to chemistry and canals, from schools and salt to mills and mansions. With their new website Museums of Cheshire intend to celebrate all that is great about their world of museums. The site is aimed at visitors, including local residents who may not realise what is right on their doorstep. The site will also be an invaluable resource for tourists planning a visit to the county as they look for inspiring places to discover.

The website will act as a portal to the various museums in the area, filling an identified gap in their online marketing. Visitors will also be provided with information relating to how museums are great places to volunteer, find unusual gifts and current projects being undertaken.



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