Kids In Museums: Takeover Day 2016 Planning and Sharing Events Dates

Kids in Museums are set to host their Takeover Day Planning and Sharing Event.

This event, which will take place at The Novium Museum, Chichester on  Friday 17th June, will give those who want to put young people at the heart of their work a chance to contribute to the annual Takeover day where young people and children nationwide are given powerful, meaningful, decision-making roles within museums, galleries, libraries, archives, arts organisations and heritage sites. On the day, attendants will learn how to plan a Takeover Day, they will be presented with new ways to put young people at the heart of their work, given inspiring ideas from venues who took part last year, and will have the chance to network with partners they can work with on Takeover Day

This years Takeover Day is set to take place on Friday 18th November for more information about the event see here.

The June planning and sharing  event is free and open to any museum, gallery, archive or heritage site. For further information, and to book a place, please see here.


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