Society for Museum Archaeology Survey of Museums Holding/Collecting Archaeology

The Society for Museum Archaeology (SMA) survey of Museums Holding/Collecting Archaeology is now live.

This project, funded by Historic England, will run from 2016-2018 and will aim to gather crucial data direct from museums in order to evaluate how austerity has hit in terms of collecting capacity and staff resource/expertise. A report will be produced in November of each year of the project, with the 2018 report also summarising data across the project.

SMA have already begun the process of distributing surveys to all museums in England, which have been divided into seven regions, with each designed by region, so they not only gather data to create an England-wide picture, but can also get a picture of what is happening in each region.

Museums in the North West should complete this survey. Should you have any further questions about the survey or the project, please contact the SMA rep for the North West: Morag Clement, Archaeology Curator at Kendal Museum, Cumbria.



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