GEM Learning and Sharing Centre

Arts Council England provides the Group for Education in Museums with £168K of Museum Resilience Funding for new LEARNING AND SHARING CENTRE.

Thanks to £168,000 of Arts Council England (ACE) funding confirmed today, the Group for Education in Museums (GEM) will set up a new permanent LEARNING AND SHARING CENTRE (LSC) for all those in the cultural sector that are involved in education. Through a range of face-to-face meetings and online digital resources, the LSC will equip museum staff with the skills they need. 

The LSC will build upon existing best practice to provide training and continuous professional development (CPD) at all levels. It will encourage the workforce to network, and share experiences, skills and knowledge, and provide mentors to support museum learning. The LSC will also develop distance learning courses, and set up a new online signpost to help staff find relevant training opportunities.

GEM’s partners in this project are the SW Museum Federation, Tyne & Wear Museums, engage, Association for Heritage Interpretation, and University College London. We will also collaborate with the Association of Independent Museums, CapeUK, other Bridges, Museum Federations and Development Services to ascertain training needs, and disseminate learning.

John Orna-Ornstein, Director of Museums at Arts Council England said: “The focus of our investment approach for museums in 2015-18 is on building a more resilient sector. The Museum Resilience fund is a key part of that, providing vital support to museums right across the country. It is really important that museum staff are equipped with the skills they need to be successful. And so we are really pleased to support GEM as it establishes the LEARNING AND SHARING CENTRE.”

Dr John Stevenson (GEM Trustee and LSC Project Director) said, “Thanks to ACE Museum Resilience Funding the LEARNING AND SHARING CENTRE will meet the needs of today’s workforce and help to ensure that GEM has a sustainable future.”

For further information please contact:
Dr John Stevenson (GEM Trustee and LSC Project Director)
Tel: 01634 853424; Mob: 07917 565 342
GEM, 54 Balmoral Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 4PG


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