Freelance Opportunity:Rising Stars Development Lead, Seaton Delaval Hall

Seaton Delaval Hall are seeking an experienced and creative partnerships development consultant, with significant expertise in relationship management and process development, to develop the engagement element of the Curtain Rises Project (dubbed ‘Rising Stars’).

‘Rising Stars’ placements will be delivered through a partnership with Northumbria University and will provide experience and skills for those aiming to establish careers in the heritage sector. People with a passion for the sector will be able to access real life work opportunities and develop employability skills. Rising Stars will also allow them to work with partners who are more embedded in local communities, primarily bait, to help engage with them and thus ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to get involved with Seaton Delaval Hall and the National Trust.

The brief (available here) is for the development work required to prepare them for a Round 2 HLF submission (anticipated in Summer 2017). They need a specialist to develop and facilitate their existing partnerships and help them to create those key ‘Rising Stars’ outputs which need to be in place for Round 2.

For further information about this post, please email The closing date for applications is  21 September 2016


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