Let’s Get Real 2016

Thursday 27th October
The Whitworth, Manchester

From Culture 24:

How can arts and heritage organisations get better at recognising, articulating and generating value from online cultural retail?

It’s a hot topic as public funding is squeezed and we look for new income streams and business models that align with our cultural offer. But online cultural retail is about more than just generating financial value. What we sell and package influences how our audiences engage with us. The way we approach new product development challenges the way we think about our overall offer, our brand and our purpose.
People want experiences with soul and products with a story – for the cultural sector this is part of our DNA. We are the envy of many commercial retailers struggling to invent their own story and the rich image-led nature of our work lends itself perfectly to online engagement and sharability. But how can we respond to the behaviours of today’s audiences and reinvent our offer online? What new products, services, markets are realistic for us? Can we find a sweet spot between culture and commerce? Is it all just hype or can we grow this in sustainable ways?

Join us for a day of keynotes, conversations, critique and provocations, mixed for the first time, with a fabulous late night happening throughout the Whitworth as part of our Museums at Night festival.

For more information and to book a place visit the conference website

Also looking at unique retail ventures run by some museums is John Orna-Ornstein’s latest blog post looking at the idea of the Commercial Curator.


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