Society of Decorative Art Curators Metalwork Study Day

The Society of Decorative Art Curators metalwork study day, which will take place on Wednesday 5 October 2016 at Millennium Galleries, Sheffield, will provide guidance on the identification of metals, including silver and metals which are often mistaken for silver, including plated wares. It will be an excellent opportunity for beginners but also will give those with more experience of handling metalwork the chance to brush up their knowledge.

This is a rare chance for members to study actual pieces, concentrating on identification of metals including Old Sheffield Plate, silver, electroplated nickel silver, pewter, Britannia metal and Stainless steel.

There will be sessions covering identification, cataloguing and research, manufacture, storage, display, preventative conservation and cleaning. There will also be an opportunity to visit The Sykes Gallery: Metalwork Collection gallery, refurbished in 2015.

The Study Day will be held at the Millennium Galleries, which houses a gallery dedicated to Museum Sheffield’s Designated collection of metalwork, including the largest and best cutlery and flatware collection in the UK.

The day, which will be led by Clare Starkie, Curator of Decorative Art and Emma Paragreen, Curator and Librarian, Sheffield Assay Office, is £15 for members and £20 for non-members (non-members price includes one year membership). Places must be booked in advance.  Please request an application form from:



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