The Baring Foundation: Strengthening the Voluntary Sector Programme

The Baring Foundation has announced the launch of a second round of funding in two open funds under their Strengthening the Voluntary Sector programme launched in 2015.

This programme supports effective use of the law and human rights based approaches by the voluntary sector in the United Kingdom to tackle discrimination and disadvantage. It is a collaboration with The Legal Education Foundation and The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. It focuses on activity in all countries of the United Kingdom.

Funding is available through two open pilot funds:

  • Training, education and capacity building – seed funding grants of up to £30,000 over six months to two years that support organisations to understand how their objectives can be achieved through use of the law or human rights based approaches
  • Applied projects – grants of up to £150,000 over approximately three years to create new capacity for work that addresses specific discrimination or disadvantage and safeguards the freedom of purpose, action and voice of the sector, linking the skills of ‘non-legal’ and ‘legal’ organisations to enhance and complement campaigns for social change. Organisations will be expected to demonstrate innovative approaches to using these tools and evidence of how they will collaborate to support a shared agenda.

For further information, please see here


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