Culture24 Digital Programme

Closing date tomorrow!

Do you want to work with Culture24 to engage audiences with your digital collection? 

Culture24, working in partnership with Museum Development North West, is looking to support staff in 10 museums in the North West to understand how to reach and engage adult audiences and communities of interest with digital content from and about collections. This programme has been made possible with ACE Resilience Funding.

We want to help museum professionals and volunteers understand how to make their content fit for purpose to meet audience needs and understand better what motivates (or doesn’t motivate) people to discover and visit museums on/offline.

We want to work with museums most in need of help and ensure individuals in those museums are able to embed new approaches and learning into their work once the project is over. Each museum will be paid a £200 honorarium to support participation.

Participants from each museum will work together as a group to identify/understand their target audience needs; create and publish fit-for-purpose digital content on Culture24’s and their own websites; reach out to and engage communities of interest via a range of channels then track and analyse usage and engagement using online analytics tools.

Interested? What you need to take part:

-A digitised collection
-To be an accredited museum
-To be near the beginning of your digital journey or to be in need of help and support with audience engagement via digital publishing
-To have a desire to experiment and explore the possibilities of your own collection via digital publishing and digital storytelling

Time to be able to take part:

  • To be able to attend two workshops over the 18 month period in a venue to be decided in the North West region (first workshop January 2017)
  • To have time to write and develop content (this will depend on the project / experiment we identify – according to capacity and need)
  • To be able to partake in occasional Skype surgeries, phonecalls, emails and webchats in order to develop projects and ideas
  • To be able to take part in user feedback as part of the evaluation of the project.

This would equate to approximately one day a month time commitment over the 18 months.

If you would like to be considered for the project, please fill in the brief questionnaire and return it to Kaye Hardyman, Museum Development Officer: by 5pm on Friday 11th November 2016. You must have support from a senior manager to participate in the programme (where appropriate). 

If you want more information on the programme before submitting your questionnaire contact Richard Moss, Editor at Culture24 Tel: 01273 523987

About Culture24 

Reaching and engaging audiences is central to Culture24’s work. We support museums to create and curate high quality digital content with the aim of building sustainable, engaged online audiences around subjects and within relevant communities of interest.

We help museum professionals understand how to make their content fit for purpose to meet audience needs. In the last year Culture24’s online publishing generated 3,651,509 page views and 2,187,550 user sessions from 1,829,107 users.


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