Happy Museum launches new Affiliate Scheme

From The Happy Museum:

The Happy Museum brings together thinking around sustainability and wellbeing and explores how these, together offer an approach to creating more resilient museums and communities.  Since 2012 we have worked with a growing Community of Practice through funded commissions, peer learning, open workshops and sharing of tools and resources.

new Affiliate Scheme, launching this month, offers the opportunity for a wider network of museums to connect with and contribute to the development of Happy Museum thinking and practice.

This new peer learning network for the sector will:

  • Work with a positive frame for practical action which puts societal wellbeing at its heart.
  • Form a supportive and collaborative peer network, sharing practice and building learning
  • Encourage exploration of the particular role of museums and culture in addressing the big issues – such as climate change and social justice.
  • Connect with relevant thinkers in fields such as economics, ecology and psychology
  • Provide the opportunity to experiment, innovate, reflect, connect and play.

Affiliates may be cultural organisations as well as museums. They may be departments. They may be individuals working with or in a museum/cultural organisation. We also invite applicants from beyond the UK who are keen to explore and embed the principles of the Happy Museum.

Applications close on 7th December 2016 and more information about the scheme can be found  on our website.

“The [Affiliate Scheme] understands that museums are well-placed to open up wider societal conversations about difficult and challenging topics and should model this by developing resilience in their own staff and communities. … it acknowledges that investment in people is key!” Museum practitioner


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