Entrepreneurship in Cultural Heritage Workshop

2nd February 2017
Fazeley Studios, Birmingham
Over recent years the heritage sector has been hit by cumulative cut-backs in public sector funding, reductions in visitor spend and increasing competition for visitors. At the same time, a multitude of new opportunities continue to emerge relating to technological innovation, new audiences and communication networks and new management approaches. In the context of this developing landscape for the heritage sector, this workshop explores the increasing need for museums and heritage organisations to become ever more entrepreneurial in their approach in order to increase their resilience to the changing environment and also to identify ways and means to build profile, audiences, income and opportunities to communicate the heritage at their heart.

Through presentations by speakers who, in different ways, are involved with innovative approaches to the heritage and museums sector and through discussion, this workshop aims to identify some of the more entrepreneurial management practices of the heritage sector and to explore challenges and opportunities for future entrepreneurial actions.

Key Themes:

  • Working towards resilience
  • Partner working outside of the heritage sector
  • The role of the creative industries
  • Going global
  • Building audiences and income

Speakers include:

Professor Mike Robinson – Ironbridge Institute for Cultural Heritage
Dr Chris Ferguson – Auckland Castle
Harvey Edgington – National Trust
Traci Dix-Williams – Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust
Colin Chester – The National Gallery
Tony Trehy – Bury Art Museum
Elliot Goodger – Birmingham Museums Trust Enterprise Committee
Professor Kiran Trehan – Professor of Leadership and Enterprise Development

For more information and to book a place visit the event page.

Organised by the Ironbridge Institute for Cultural Heritage, University of Birmingham in association with West Midlands Museum Development


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