Old Collections, New Questions Roman Study Day

Hospitium, York Museum Gardens
Friday 24
th February 2017
10:00 – 16:00

The Study Day will be a gathering of museum professionals, scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts to launch YMT’s ‘Old Collections, New Questions’ research project, an Arts Council England supported initiative to reinvestigate the Roman collections held by York Museums Trust.  These numismatic and archaeological collections have Designated status, meaning that they have national and international significance.

This project seeks to investigate what new information modern research interests, methods, and values can reveal about these collections.  The research produced will allow York Museums Trust to use these long-standing collections in new, innovative, and engaging ways, ensuring that their full potential is met.

The Study Day will introduce attendees to the Roman collections, highlight their research potential, and explore the avenues offered by modern research approaches.  The resulting discussions will steer the course of the project, allowing YMT curators to set short-term and long-term research goals, and giving researchers the opportunity to further their own expertise.

You can register to attend here and places are limited, so please let us know if your plans to attend change.


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