Art Fund Curators’ Survey

From Art Fund:

Can you help with research into the changing nature of museum and gallery curatorship?

Art Fund is investigating this vitally important topic with The Museum Consultancy and Oxford University.

They have designed an online survey to seek the views of those who work as a curator, or whose role encompasses curatorial responsibilities. The survey should take around ten minutes to complete.

Go to to take part. The deadline for responses is Monday 30th January.

The results of this survey will be supported by a series of in-depth interviews with curatorial and sector colleagues across the UK, and a review of previous reports and initiatives to support curatorial and collections-based work, to present a detailed picture of the challenges and opportunities that face curators and curatorship today, and to make some suggestions for the future. Art Fund will publish their findings later this year. They hope that the outcomes will also help inform future Art Fund policy and funding programmes, and provide similar inspiration across the sector.

If you want to discuss any aspect of the Art Fund research in more detail, please contact Sarah Philp, Art Fund Director of Programmes –


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