Julie’s Bicycle launches second Sustaining Creativity survey

Julie’s Bicycle is running the second edition of the Sustaining Creativity survey to capture the cultural response, attitudes, and approaches of cultural leaders in England, Wales, and Scotland to climate change and environmental sustainability. The survey will contribute to the next phase of JB’s work both in terms of supporting the sector, and in advocating to others about the crucial role the creative community plays on climate change and the breadth of cultural response. The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete and will close at midnight on Thursday 9 February 2017. There is a prize draw for a case of organic wine (or something non-alcoholic!) for respondents.


Twitter: Share your views: @juliesbicycle Sustaining Creativity survey on UK cultural responses to climate change #coptimism

Facebook: Julie’s Bicycle are looking for sector responses from senior leaders in the arts and creative industries on how they are thinking about environmental sustainability and the climate challenge, artistically and operationally: the Sustaining Creativity survey is open until the 9 February. Includes a prize draw for organic wine!


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