Higher Mill Trust seek Project Co-ordinator

Project Co-Ordinator – “Trust in the Future”

Title —     Project Co-ordinator (Trust in the Future)

Status — Freelance Contract – Late March 2017 – End March 2018 (12 months)

Hours — Envisaged 7.5 to 15 hours per week totalling approx. 80-90 working days

Fee —     £14,500

The Higher Mill Museum Trust has been in existence since 1968. It exists to preserve, protect and ensure the survival of a unique woollen mill within the Helmshore Mills Textile Museum complex. The Trust is predominantly made up of current and retired textile professionals and heritage supporters. As a group they have collected artefacts, working machinery and other ephemera relating to the early Lancashire textile industry.

Lancashire County Council are currently seeking to secure a partner to take over and operate that part of the site in their care. This will necessitate the preferred operator also working in co-operation with the Trustees of the 1789 mill, which is located on the same site and is integral to the full textile story.

The Trust is keen to secure a sustainable future for its collection, building and history. They are anxious to ensure their collection and museum are made ready to play a full part in the future of the combined site, to ensure the history is understood and shared with the public. To achieve this state of preparedness and involvement it is working to convert its vision into realisable plans for the museums’ improvement.

The Trust’s successful application to the Arts Council Museum Resilience Fund has set out clearly defined aims and objects and has provided the resources to enable this work to take place.

The completed transfer of the site to a new operator will enable the Trust’s plans for the future to be clarified, and if appropriate a Development Consultant will be appointed. In the meantime the Trust wishes to see progress in the areas of audience development, community involvement, and presentation improvement, all these appertaining to The Trust’s particular sector of the site.

The Trust is looking for a Project Co-ordinator with museum experience, to liaise the Trustees in the delivery of multi-faceted plans for improvement projects. The successful candidate will also work with and provide support to the trustees in the delivery of the ACE Granted project.

Closing date for applications – 6 PM Tuesday 28th February 2017

For further information please see the detailed brief: project-co-ordinator-brief



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