Diversity in Museums- what change would you like to make?

From the Museums Association:

When we talk about diversity in museums, what do we mean?  Where is diversity located within our spaces and our collections, and what can we do to develop them? Are we happy to maintain the current state of play where diversity is still in the margins?

These are challenging but vital questions for the museums sector. What are we actively doing to ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our practice and embedded in the way that we develop relationships with people outside and inside our organisations?

Live debate

Please join us on Tuesday 28 February at 1pm for a lunchtime webchat about Diversity in Museums, with the MA’s programme manager Jess Turtle, and diversity leadership consultant Sarah Pickthall. Join the debate, make your voice heard ! You can post questions here for our panel before or during the webchat

Transformers Diversify

If you are motivated to want to create change around diversity, equality and inclusion in museums why not apply to Transformers Diversify to connect you with key cultural leaders and campaigners, professional development and support to make change happen. http://www.museumsassociation.org/comment/20022017-have-you-considered-applying-to-transformers-diversify

The fully funded Transformers: Diversify programme will help participants connect, reflect and initiate change around equality, diversity and inclusion in museums. You may identify as being from a diverse background yourself, or simply want to make change happen. What you will share is a journey that will give you a new perspective and network, and the confidence to take risks.

This opportunity is open to applicants (including volunteers and freelancers) from England, Wales and Scotland. It requires between 7.5 and 9.5 days of contact time, which includes an action-learning day, a two-day residential, and one to one coaching. There is also the opportunity to pitch for project micro-funding to help make your idea for change a reality.

All event costs, accommodation and travel are covered.

What change can you make? Will you apply?  Find out about the programme here



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