Upcoming Deadline to Participate in Voices of Culture Heritage Session

The European Commission’s 2015-2018 Work Plan for Culture identifies cultural heritage as one of its four key priorities. In order to complement the reflection on this topic and to assess the needs of the cultural sector in this field, the Commission would like to hear the voice of the cultural sector on these important issues.

Two meetings (a brainstorming and a dialogue) will be held in 2017 to discuss these topics. The dialogue will be structured around the following main questions; however it will be open to participants to propose additional or different issues to focus on during the meetings and in the final report of the process:

  1. What are the boundaries of “traditional” and “emerging” (tangible, intangible and digital) heritage professions?
  2. What are the current challenges in the transmission of traditional knowledge faced by the heritage sector? Could you provide examples of how these challenges have been addressed and overcome by the cultural sector?
  3. What are the skills and training needs related to the “emerging” professions, including those concerning the digital shift? Could you provide examples of how these needs have been faced by the cultural sector?
  4. In what way is the sector professionalised? What structures are currently in place to deliver professional practitioners in the heritage sector?
  5. What is needed to enhance/develop capacity-building for cultural heritage and professionals?

The Brainstorming Session on Skills, Training and Knowledge Transfer: Traditional and Emerging Heritage represents the opportunity for a group of around 35 European civil society stakeholders in the cultural sector to exchange ideas on this topic and to present these to the European Commission. The group will brainstorm on 15-16 June 2017, and then have the opportunity, in September 2017, to discuss the main ideas (to be summarised in a Brainstorming Report) with the European Commission at a Dialogue Meeting in Brussels.

The Call is open to representatives of the cultural and creative sectors (professional organisations, cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, European networks, foundations, private organisations, etc.) with relevant expertise on the topic who would like to contribute to discussions with the European Commission. Organisations applying must be from one of the 28 EU Member States.

Voices of Culture will book and cover the costs of travel and accommodation, according to the budget and regulations provided by the European Commission.

For more information click here.

The closing date for applications to participate is 14 March 2017.


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