Society for the History of Natural History, Women in the History of Natural Sciences Conference

The annual conference of the Society for the History of Natural History, Women in the History of Natural Sciences will be held in the Lake District, Thursday 15th – Friday 16th June 2017.

For further details please visit conference website.

A brief outline of the programme and likely speakers and subjects are listed below (this may be subject to slight change).

University of Cumbria: Ambleside campus Thursday 15th June 2017

Claire Perry on “Beatrix Potter” 

Andrea Hart: Women as natural history artists

Dr Charles Nelson: Katherine Sophia Baily: Author of The Irish flora (1833)

Dr Heleen Plaisier: Margaret Gatty (1809-1873): writer, collector, scientist 

Dr Samantha George: Entomology for Girls: Priscilla Wakefield’s and Louisa Beaufort’s Familiar Dialogues on the History and Classification of Insects   

Dr Carl Thompson: Maria Graham and Early Nineteenth-Century Polite Science

Friday 16th June 2017: Freshwater Biological Association, The Ferry Landing, Far Sawrey, access via Bowness on Windermere

Dr Mark Toogood: The role of the FBA in fostering  a large group of pioneering women aquatic biologists at a time when gender in science mattered

Catherine Duigan and Warren Kovach: Kathleen Carpenter (1891-1970), a life in fresh water

Dr Mary Morris: Dr Rosemary Lowe-McConnell (1921-2014) and Rosemary Helen Lowe-McConnell (1921-2014)                                      

Jennifer Bryant: Female phycologists. The importance of women to the study of algae.

Sara Maroske & Tom W. May (Presented by Prof. Arthur Lucas): On the threshold of mycology: Flora Martin née Campbell (1845–1923) in Australia

Al Reeve & Annie Irving:  Dr Mary E Gillham (1921-2013), a dedicated naturalist



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