Consultancy Opportunity: Viewpoint review, MDNW

Fee: £5,000
Start date: May/June 2017
Completion: December 2017

MDNW hold a regional licence until March 2018 with CRT for the use of Viewpoint devices and software at 69 museums across the North West that use them to capture audience feedback. Many museums have benefited from free audience data collection for at least six years.

We would like to commission a review of how effectively the devices are being used to capture and analyse visitor data and provide support for those who could make more of the technology in their museums.

We would also like to commission consultation with Viewpoint users to find a sustainable future for the programme post March 2018 when MDNW will cease to pay for the regional licence.

Contract – key tasks

  • To review the effective use of Viewpoint machines and software at relevant museums (including data capture, analysis, location in the museum and its visibility, knowledge and confidence of staff in using technology) and impact on audience development
  • To use information from the review to inform MDNW as to what practical and operational support museums would need going forward to improve the effective use of Viewpoint technology
  • To carry out consultation with Viewpoint users individually and/or via area museum networks to explore various licencing options for April 2018 onwards and report back to MDNW with recommendations
  • Liaise with CRT to discuss licence options for individual or consortia of museums with support from MDNW
  • To inform MDNW of devices that are not being or are not intended to be used by individual museums to enable us to redistribute where appropriate 

Budget and timescale
The programme will start in May/June 2017 and all work must be completed by December 2017. A report on the review of effective Viewpoint use, a report on consultation outcomes and recommendations of future licencing options will be expected at the end of the work.

The total budget is £5,000 (inclusive of VAT) and is to include all associated expenses.

To see the full brief please click Viewpoint Consult Brief 2017-18.


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