Carbon Literacy training

Manchester Museum
4th April 2017, 9.30-4.30

Since June 2016 MDNW has been working with Manchester Museum to train the museum’s staff to become Carbon Literate. On 4th April we are running the first Carbon Literacy course which is open to all staff and volunteers from museums in the North West.

The Carbon Literacy project originated as part of Manchester City Council’s sustainability strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of the city by 41% by 2020. The aim is to give every person who works, lives or studies in Manchester (approximately 1 million people) a day’s worth of carbon literacy training.

The training gives people an understanding of what climate change is, and its effects, providing them with sufficient information to be able to make their own decisions about what they can do to reduce their own carbon footprint and that of the organisation in which they work. In the words of one of the delegates, “Carbon Literacy is about understanding what I actually need to do, where I can get help to do it, actually doing it and seeing that I’ve done it.”

As climate change is not limited to Manchester, and is an issue that will affect all museums, MDNW is now beginning to roll out the training to museums in the North West.

Book a place by visiting our eventbrite page –


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