Launch of U-values Heat Calculator Tool and Guide

Designed to help museums to reduce energy bills and improve building performance.

Museum Development North West (MDNW) is committed to promoting excellence, innovation, partnerships and organisational sustainability to enable museums to be resilient in challenging times.

The U-Value Guide and Heat Loss Calculator tool was produced by Arup in liaison with the Green Museums Northern Network and commissioned by MDNW using Arts Council England funding for the benefit of the museum sector.

If you are considering part refurbishment or even full capital redevelopment of your buildings, this tool and guide will help inform your decisions on the most cost-effective and appropriate ways to improve building efficiency to reduce energy use and save money. It can also help you improve environmental conditions for the protection of collections. The guide includes a number of case studies to show what can be achieved.

A U-value is a measure of how much heat is lost through a material. The lower the U-value, the less heat is lost and the better the thermal performance of your building. The guide and tool allow you to model and test different improvement initiatives, whether it be insulation or secondary glazing, to give you indicative results to highlight the most cost effective options for existing buildings.

The U-values Heat Calculator Tool and Guide, along with a handy Data Checklist form are available to download from the Environmental Sustainability section of our Publications page: Publications

You can also download its sister publication ‘Museum and Art Galleries Survival Strategies’ which is a five step guide on baselining and reducing energy use with 205 upgrade initiatives support you.


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