Freelance Opportunities: The Atkinson

Freelance Research
Sacrifice: the impact and aftermath of conflict on lives and minds
June – October 2017

Freelance Project Co-ordinator
Sacrifice: the impact and aftermath of conflict on lives and minds
June 2017 – November 2018

From The Atkinson:

During the First World War the term shell shock was used to describe either a psychological or physical condition. This type of injury was not well understood and men who were suffering were sometimes dismissed as being cowards or weak. As the war progressed the number of cases increased, with a shell shock crisis from 1916 onwards. The increase in cases led to official recognition of this condition and treatment: the War Office decided that direct referral to specialist treatment centres staffed by trained professionals would best aid the return of men to the battlefield.

Our project is about the heritage of Moss Side Military Hospital in Maghull: the memories, the visual and written records of its role as a training as well as a treatment centre. The hospital became a focus for experiment in the developing field of psychological medicine as clinicians from diverse backgrounds and disciplines gathered at this specialist unit. Patients were first admitted to the 300 available beds in December 1914; the number of beds was expanded to 500 in 1917. Between 1914 and 1919 the hospital treated a total of 3,638 patients. The clinical staff were described as “the brilliant band of workers who at that time made Maghull the centre for the study of abnormal psychology.”

We seek a researcher and freelance project co-ordinator who will work with us to develop research, understanding and engagement with the heritage of Moss Side Military Hospital in Maghull, Sefton, which developed as a centre of excellence and innovation in the treatment of shellshock during the First World War. This hospital no longer exists, the buildings are being knocked down, and this important social and medical heritage is in danger of vanishing.

Research Project Brief

Project Co-ordinator Brief



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