National Lates research from Culture24

Culture24, is conducting research, funded by Arts Council England and supported by Airbnb, into UK after-hours events (Lates) and extended opening hours in culture and heritage venues in the UK. Over the next few months they will be reaching out to venue staff, visitors and sector organisations to get data and opinions through a variety of methods including surveys, interviews and focus groups.

To kick-off they are asking all venue professionals and volunteers responsible for after-hours events to fill out this short survey to canvas the opinions of the widest possible cross-section of our sector. The survey will take a maximum of ten minutes to fill out and there is an incentive of a big box of chocolates for one lucky contributor. Please use this link and share it with the people in your organisation who are responsible for programming after-hours events.

For any questions about the research or to suggest a way you can get more involved in the consultation process please contact Nick Stockman, 01273 523983.


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