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ARMA 2018 – Call for Venues

engage is delighted to announce that applications are now open for venues wishing to host the Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award, Artist Commission in 2018.

Deadline for applications: 5 pm, Tuesday 2 May 2017

Galleries, museums and visual arts venues throughout the United Kingdom are invited to submit proposals to host the 2018 Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award (ARMA), Artist Commission, worth £15,000. The Award funds an artist or artists to undertake work with children and young people over approximately 10 weeks, and for the experience to inform an art commission accessible to the public. A further £2,250 will be made available to the host venue to cover expenses.

Applications are invited from both organisationswith experience working with artists on commissions, participatory projects or education and learning programmes, and those with little experience and for whom this would be a good opportunity to develop work in these areas.

Artist Alison Carlier completed ARMA 2016 at aspex, Portsmouth; Anne Harild, ARMA 2015 at the Bluecoat, Liverpool; in 2014, Maria Zahle was hosted by New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester and in 2013, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva was at mima, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art.

The Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award (ARMA), Artist Commission 2018

engage invites galleries, museums and visual arts venues acrossthe UK to submit a proposal to host a 10-week artist/s’-led participatory project leading to a visual art commission. The participatory project will run in spring/summer 2018. The artist/s will create an indoor or outdoor artwork (temporary, semi-permanent or permanent, see Appendix 3) for the venue or nearby, and will carry out (as a guide) 8-10 daysof education/participatory activitieswith children, young people and/or family groups. The commissioned artwork will respond to the venue, e.g. to a collection, display, the building, the venue’shistory, or to an audience group who use the venue.

The award is an opportunity for a venue to work with an artist or artists on a participatory programme, which culminates in an art commission accessible to the public. The venue doesnot need to have worked with an artist on a participatory project, or on an artist commission to apply for this award.

ARMA will award the host venue £2,250 to cover the costs of hosting the residency. A further £500 is available for the cost of a celebratory event for the artist/s participatory project and commission. An exhibition about ARMA including works by Alexandra Reinhardt and work from the participatory programme will accompany the celebratory event. Other costs, such asthe artist/s fees, expenses, education activity materials, creating and installing the artwork (excluding surveys and site preparation) will be met by the Max Reinhardt Charitable Trust, totalling an award to the artist of £15,000. Please see Appendix 1 in our notes for applicants (available to download below) for a breakdown of these costs.

The aims of the programme are:

  • For an artist or artiststo respond to the host venue’scollection, a display, the building, the venueʼshistory, or to an audience group who use the venue, and to create a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent art commission for the venue or for a nearby space accessible to the publi
  • For an artist or artiststo carry out a participatory/education programme with children, young people and/or families. The participatory and educational element is as important as the commission. The participatory and educational element will contribute directly to the artist idea for the commission.

To apply to host the ARMA Artist in Residence 2018: Please read the Information for Venues and complete the Application Form.


ARMA was established in memory of the artist Alexandra Reinhardt and is supported by the Max Reinhardt Charitable Trust. The award comprised an annual artist participatory/education project culminating in an artwork in the public realm.

From 2005, artists undertook residencies in NHS hospitals through a programme coordinated by Paintings in Hospitals. From 2010, the artist residency programme was coordinated by The Art Room, an organisation that works with art and artiststo support vulnerable young people. engage, the National Association for Gallery Education, isdelighted to have been running ARMA since 2012. From 2016 ARMA has run bi-annually.

Sign Up for Children’s Art Week 2017

engage, the National Association for Gallery Education, is delighted to announce that Children’s Art Week is back for 2017, running from Saturday 10 until Sunday 18 June. Venues and schools across the UK are urged to sign up and participate in this growing campaign to spark children’s imaginations and encourage their creativity.

In 2016 more than 13,000 people took part in 109 events across 95 venues. The intention of the organisers is to make 2017’s Children’s Art Week bigger and more successful than it’s ever been before. Events can be held almost

anywhere; from galleries, arts centres and museums, to libraries, heritage sites, schools and community centres. Venues interested in organising an event can register on the Children’s Art Week website ( until 8 May. The first 45 venues to register will be offered £50 grant towards costs. Participating venues will receive support to run, publicise and brand their events, including stickers, logos and press release templates.

A key objective of Children’s Art Week 2017 is to encourage more schools than ever before to take part. Schools can get involved in a number of different ways, from visiting a local arts venue, bringing an artist into their school, or, curating an exhibition of children’s work. A pilot scheme is being trialed in Leicester and Thanet, inspired by another of engage’s successful projects, Generation ART, and kindly supported by the Finnis Scott Foundation and the Garfield Weston Foundation. Local schools will be offered the opportunity to work with lead venues, Turner Contemporary, Margate and New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester, as a platform to showcase their creativity.

Thanks to the support of the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts (NADFAS), engage are offering 10 grants of £75 on a first come, first served basis, to venues who wish to hold a visual arts event with a NADFAS society, or for NADFAS societies who partner with a museum, gallery or visual arts organisation on a visual arts event.*

For further information please visit You can also follow engage on Twitter @engagevisualart and use the hashtag #ChildrensArtWeek for updates, or search for ‘engageinthevisualarts’ on Facebook.


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