Funding News

Masonic Charitable Foundation’s Community Support Large Grants

The Community Support scheme offers large and small grants to charities registered in England and Wales that are working in the areas of financial hardship, health and disability, education and employability, and social exclusion and disadvantage. Large Grants of more than £5,000 are awarded to charities with an annual turnover of more than £500,000 for a specific purpose only. Small grants of up to £5,000 are also available and can be used for core expenditure such as general running or overhead costs of the charity. Small Grants applications can be submitted at any time but should reach the Foundation by the third Friday of each month for consideration.

Charles Haywood Foundation: Main Grants Programme, Heritage & Conservation

The Charles Hayward Foundation is a grant-making charitable trust making awards to charities that are registered in the U.K. Under their main grants programme, funding for heritage and conservation is available for the following projects: Purchase of land or reclamation of recently purchased land to be used for nature reserves where these will be maintained in perpetuity; Conservation and preservation of pictures, manuscripts, books and objects for public display, use and interest; Development of libraries, museums and galleries; Adaptation of former Industrial Heritage sites to creative and educational spaces. The next closing date is 28 April. Please visit the Foundation’s website for eligibility and application information: Charles Haywood Foundation: Main Grants Programme, Heritage & Conservation


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