Fundraising Strategies Workshop Five: Developing Sponsorship and Membership Schemes

People’s History Museum, Manchester
Wednesday 10th May
11:00 – 15:00

In an ongoing period of reduced public sector support which has only increased the need for institutions to take on a more inventive entrepreneurial spirit, this programme has been designed to provide new ideas, inspiration and possible models which will help organisations across the region to become more resilient and future proof.

This series of workshops will cover various topics which we feel will help North West organisations to develop new opportunities using the resources they currently have available to them and help them to make the most of their current audiences and networks whilst developing them further.  Each workshop will cover a different aspect to help organisations develop sustainable income streams and find alternative sources of funding and by thinking differently and creatively about how they approach funding.

This workshop will delve into the development of membership schemes and will help give organisations to see how they can develop and benefit from such schemes as well as help them form good relationships with donors, encourage patronage and secure corporate sponsorship for their organisations. Speakers include:

  • Helen Antrobus, People’s History Museum – The People’s History Museum celebrates the stories of the radical thinkers whose big ideas have shaped our society.  For this workshop we have asked Janneke to talk about the background of the museum’s Join the New Radicals Campaign and how they develop it into a membership scheme and what this has done to improve their sustainability as an organisation
  • Janice Hayes, Culture Warrington – After receiving a Catalyst grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Culture Warrington undertook extensive research before developing their a membership scheme that would help to make the organisation more sustainable, business-like and resilient following transfer from local authority management in 2012 while increasing their support base through sponsorship, philanthropy and developing a membership scheme
  • Hilary Machell, Harris Museum & Art Gallery – Hilary has worked closely with the museum’s Friends’ group for 19 years.  Hilary will talk about how to turn around a Friends’ organisation which isn’t working for the host museum and turn it into an effective body which supports fundraising and the wider ambitions of the museum
  • Victoria Symes, impact fundraising – A major review of UK museum regular giving schemes revealed a number of invaluable and often surprising insights. In this whistle-stop tour of these findings, Victoria will reveal the 7 Common Mistakes made in the management of Friends and Memberships schemes, and share some tips and solutions for turning these challenges around.

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