Consultancy Opportunity: Friends of Judges’ Lodgings, Lancaster

Judges’ Lodgings: Revitalisation and Renewal

The Friends of Judges’ Lodgings museum are looking for a creative consultant to support a public consultation and awareness project in Lancaster from May to September 2017 to explore and test ideas to develop a sustainable future for the Judges’ Lodgings museum.  The fee is £2,800 and an additional £1,500 for production of materials for a pop-up-shop. The deadline for submission is 12th May 2017. 

The museum is housed in Lancaster’s oldest surviving town house, dating from the early 17th century and originally home to Thomas Covell – Keeper of Lancaster Castle and notorious witch hunter. Grade I listed, the house was used between 1776 and 1975 as a residence by judges visiting the Assize Court at nearby Lancaster Castle and was opened as a museum in 1975.

In March 2016 Lancashire County Council (LCC) invited submissions from organisations interested in taking over the management and running of some of its museums, including the Judges’ Lodgings Museum in Lancaster (JLL). The Friends of Lancaster Judges’ Lodgings has been selected as the preferred applicant for JLL. Trustees from the recently formed The Lancaster Judges’ Lodgings Museum Trust are currently negotiating terms and conditions with LCC.

The trustees want to test some of their ideas for the development of the museum to ensure they are offering what is wanted, and to avoid duplicating existing provision in the city. As JLL is currently closed to the public, an empty shop unit in the centre of Lancaster as a ‘pop-up’ venue.

For more information click here.


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