AIM Hallmarks Awards – deadline for applications 15th May 2017

Now open for applications, the latest round of the AIM Hallmarks Awards will make grants totalling around £70,000 in England.

Funded by Arts Council England, the AIM Hallmarks Awards offer grants of between £5,000 and £15,000 to help AIM member museums and heritage sites to begin to use the principles of the AIM Hallmarks to improve the way they work.

The AIM Hallmarks Awards can be used by successful applicants in two distinct ways:

  • To fund an organisational review. This can involve either review and planning, or taking forward new ways of working. Some museums might want to use the AIM Hallmarks as a framework to review their organisational health and can apply for this funding for support in planning future development
  • To contribute to a project that supports applicant organisations to behave or develop differently. Museums which have already identified development needs reflecting the principles of the AIM Hallmarks can apply for funding to put their ideas into practice and progress programmes of work which will enable them to become more resilient and to prosper in the future. Projects can be linked to any of the Hallmarks but must seek to support change at a strategic level and/or to have an impact on organisational culture and behaviour

Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their ideas with AIM’s Assistant Director, Helen Wilkinson, before applying. You can contact Helen by email, or by phone, 07719 667102.

All information about the AIM Hallmarks Awards can be found at Below is a case study from Brantwood Trust in Cumbria, which received funding in the last round of awards.

Brantwood Trust, awarded £7,842

The AIM Hallmarks grant has given Brantwood the opportunity to actively maximise access to the museum’s collection, under the Collections Hallmark. Brantwood was successful in receiving a grant to research and present Ruskin’s powerful messages through our unique collection.

The purpose of our Radical Ruskin project is to link Ruskin’s radical ideas with items in the collection, and present our research through short videos uploaded to our website. The funding covers extra staff time, research materials, the purchasing of Modes Complete and video equipment; all of which will enable us to give the collection an online presence which without extra resources would not have been possible.

The project will enable Brantwood to establish an improved approach to recording information about our collection and communicating this to the visitor; and support future developments in the museum’s approach to interpretation, exhibitions and attracting new audiences. Helen Wilkinson, the AIM Assistant Director, was very helpful when we spoke regarding our project. I would encourage anyone considering a project to contact Helen and submit an application.

Jenny Slater, Brantwood Trust

_I6A9984© Simon Critchley 2017


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