Fund to Acquire Archaeological Finds

Applications up to £1,000 accepted

The Dorset Foundation in memory of Harry M Weinrebe has generously awarded the British Museum a grant to support museums in acquiring local, non-Treasure finds recorded through the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS).

Although it is common for museums to acquire local Treasure finds, limited funding for non-Treasure items means important objects are often overlooked for acquisition. This fund is designed to expand local archaeological collections for public benefit, and encourage dialogue between local Finds Liaison Officers (FLOs) and museum curators about recent PAS finds.

Applicants may apply for up to £1,000. A maximum total of £7,000 will be awarded in grants per year. Grants will be paid to the acquiring museum; the acquiring museum will then be responsible for compensating the finder and/or landowner.

Applicants may submit multiple applications at one time, but each find will require a separate application form. If you wish to acquire an assemblage or collection, please discuss your application in advance with Dr Michael Lewis, Head of Portable Antiquities and Treasure at the British Museum, on 020 7323 8611 or by email at

To find out more  download the PDF guidance document and application form.



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