Consultancy Opportunity: The Beacon, Whitehaven

Brief for Consultancy Work: The Beacon Museum Whitehaven

Audience Development Project funded through the Sustainable Improvement Fund (MDNW)

You are invited to submit a proposal for undertaking the following study for the Beacon Museum Whitehaven. A written submission is to be made in accordance with the following brief.


The Beacon Museum is an award winning museum that houses a varied collection representing the history of the Copeland area. The museum is three years into a five year collaborative business plan that has come about through a need to develop a sustainable business model.

The fundamental review that Copeland Council has undertaken in direct response to government funding policy changes and budget reductions to local authorities since 2010 has resulted in the Council changing its policy position and corporate priorities with regard to the Museum and associated education delivery. A working collaboration with Sellafield Ltd. has allowed the museum to progress and expand with greater fiscal independence. The aim of continuing to deliver a museum whereby the people of Copeland can explore their rich and diverse history through the collection remains a constant throughout this transitional process.

With the changing contexts surrounding the Beacon Museum, it is therefore vital that the team continue to operate in a commercially astute manner, identifying and developing the most productive consumer groups for the museum; developing and engaging those groups who are most likely to buy into the museum’s identity and culture. Also identifying barriers to access and understanding within other groups is vitally important to future planning.


The Beacon Museum aims to develop a five-year audience development strategy that addresses and informs all aspects of the museum’s activity: shop, exhibitions, events, learning and engagement programmes, marketing and visitor services. The aim of that strategy is to provide the organisation with clear targets and outcomes for developing our links with specified audiences. This strategy must address two key aims.

  • Sustainability: the Beacon Museum is moving to a business model of operating and will increasingly rely on the income generated from ticket sales and other visitor transactions.
  • Diversity: the Beacon Museum aims to make substantial progress in attracting more diverse audiences, activities and exhibitions.

Overall we are seeking a commitment to deliver 12 days of work to prepare and deliver this project. The total amount available is £4,170 (please take into consideration that this should include VAT, room hire, catering, and refreshments for focus groups)

For the full brief click here.



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