Kids in Museums Takeover Day 2017 – Planning and Sharing Events

Museum Development North West

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‘Inspiring’, ‘epic’, ‘awesome’… three words young people used to describe their Takeover Day in 2016.

Do you want to raise the aspirations of young people in your museum? Then come along to a Planning and Sharing event for Takeover Day 2017 – the day when young people and children nationwide are given powerful, meaningful, decision-making roles within museums, galleries, libraries, archives, arts organisations and heritage sites.

What you’ll gain from the Planning and Sharing event:
– Ideas that put young people at the heart of your work
– Inspiration from venues who took part last year
– Planning time and guidance for your Takeover Day
– Networking with partners you can work with on Takeover Day

Planning and Sharing events are free and open to museums, galleries, archives or heritage sites. The event is for organisations running their first Takeover Day or even their fifth.

Where: Tullie House Museum

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