New funding for sharing works of art across the UK

The Garfield Weston Foundation and Art Fund has announced a new £750,000 funding and training programme to support the wider sharing of national collections with museums across the whole of the UK.A programme designed to provide regional museums and museum visitors with increased access to national museum and gallery collections.

Alongside Arts Council England’s funding scheme ‘Ready to Borrow’ and the Touring Exhibition Group initiative ‘Preparing to Borrow’, and other national programmes, the Weston Loan Programme will provide funding for regional museums to secure important strategic loans and maximise loan opportunities in the context of their own collections and communities.

We recognise the great value of our national collections being shared more widely across the UK, and hope that museum staff, collections and audiences nationwide will benefit from this programme over the next three years, and beyond.

The programme will open for applications in July 2017, and further details will be made available online shortly. In the meantime, for further information and to discuss a potential project please contact Penny Bull via or 020 7225 4840.


-To support the costs of new loans of works of art and artefacts to regional museums from the National collections.

– To encourage new and stronger relationships between regional and National museums and galleries.

-To help regional museums make the most of the opportunities associated with the loan and raise the profile of their own collections.

What are we looking for?

We’ll consider applications that:

  • Enhance or maximise the possibilities of already planned loans/exhibitions/programming;
  • Enable ‘quick fire’ and ‘quick win’ loan requests
  • Support long term relationship and display development

We’ll support regional museums and galleries with grants of up to 100% of the funding required to cover the costs associated with securing and displaying the loan, for example security reviews, insurance, transportation, conservation, installation and invigilation. We’ll also support you with funds for maximising the impact of the loan, such as production of marketing materials, onsite interpretation and/or audience engagement activity.

Who can apply?

– UK museums/galleries with permanent collections which are provisionally or fully accredited 

– UK museums/galleries which are regional and/or run by local authorities, universities, or have independent Trust status

If your museum is not provisionally or fully accredited you will be asked explain why, and to demonstrate a longstanding commitment to care for the collections to the same nationally-recognised standard. The museum should also be open for at least half the week for at least six months of the year.

How much can you apply for?

We expect the majority of grants to be for between £10,000 and £20,000, although we will consider applications for smaller and larger amounts. We would be happy to accept applications for 100% funding, though applicants can apply to this programme as part of a larger funding package of support from a variety of sources.


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