ASEF: Mobility First! – Fund to support travel of Asian and European artists and cultural professionals

The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) launched a fund for the mobility of Asian and European artists and cultural professionals between Asia and Europe. Between May and October 2017 six rounds will enable applicants to travel to events they’d otherwise could not attend.

Securing funding for cultural mobility that makes up an integral part to the practice and career of artists and cultural professionals in Asia and Europe is often challenging. With the “Mobility First!” fund ASEF wants to foster bi-directional mobility between Asia and Europe (and vice versa) and support personal connections between artists and cultural professionals.

The Call for Applications is on a rolling basis, those interested (individuals and art organisations) in benefitting from the fund, should send an application at least 10 weeks prior to the event they wish to attend.

Throughout six rounds ASEF will make selections every month from May to September for travels within the timeframe of May to Ocotober 2017. The results of the second round will be announced on 6 June, further applications are possible.

For more information click here.


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